Loretta used to throw away food at meals.

"Never did I believe that I'd be in this situation. I have college background and worked for the city for over 30 years. Retirement wasn't supposed to bring this with it."

Her husband is on social security due to osteoporosis and most of their money has to go toward medical bills. Food stamps might help but their income level is $40 too high to qualify.

"If it weren't for the Ellen Torres Bienvenidos Food Bank, we'd go hungry. We'd eat beans and tortillas. I swallow my pride and take the bus at 7:00am to get here early enough to get milk. We just thank God that we have access to food assistance and that we can meet others who need help."


Brandy is being raised by a single mom. Daycare is too expensive, so her mom had to quit her job. They sold their car due to the cost of fuel and maintenance, which means they walk where they need to go. Luckily a local food pantry is close to home. Otherwise they wouldn't have enough food to get them through the week.



When you see a long line of people, you assume that there's something worthwhile at the other end. Something worth waiting for. At Holy Ghost Church downtown Denver, that something is a PB&J sandwich and a bag of cookies. And for many folks, that sandwich is definitely worth waiting for. The line-up starts at 9:30am and by the time lunch is served at 10:00, a couple hundred hungry Coloradoans are waiting for a meal they count on for daily survival. Monday through Saturday these folks line up.

Mike is the guy behind the table handing out the meals. He meets everyone's eye and refuses to be called "Sir." Mike has made it his daily mission to feed the hungry and provide them with respect. Not only are meals served, but the program through Holy Ghost Church assists with providing birth certificates, photo Id's and finances for housing. The essentials for a homeless person wanting to get back on his or her feet.

"I learn from these guys. They're real people with stories to tell and they've become friends of mine. The Bible tells me to "feed the hungry and clothe the naked." So that's what he does.