Seeds of Tomorrow

Warren Village is a non-profit organization that assists formerly homeless, low-income, single parent families in achieving sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency.
The folks at Warren Village view their theme “Seeds of Tomorrow” from two perspectives. By planting seeds, the children learn a lesson similar to that of a fisherman. “Teach them to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” They believe that teaching them to grow a garden will begin their journey towards a life of self-sufficiency. From another standpoint, they see these bright young children as “Seeds of tomorrow” with hope that they’ll grow up to be responsible human beings, fostering inspiration, leadership and love.

Photographer: Joan M. Hill



Charles Alcott of Denver sits on the bank of the Cherry Creek near Speer and Lincoln. To the right of the photo is the site where Charles recently risked his life by diving into the raging water to save the life of a drowning victim. In April, a man slipped on the bank of the river and fell in. A witness called 911. Downstream, from the ledge that was providing shelter from the snow, Charles dove into the icy water and dragged the victim ashore, where Denver Rescue crews were just arriving, and brought the victim to the hospital, and ultimately to safety.
Charles calls this area his home and has been living near the path for years. He is a Native American from the Crazy Horse People and is a mix between OgaLaLa Lakota and Dine. His family still lives on a reservation, but he calls the parks of Denver Home.

Photographer: Joe Morahan